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Client Internet Reporting System - CIRES

CIRES provides a rich web-interface for the presentation of the air quality data, a sophisticated database that stores the data in well organized and discrete tables, and a powerful calculation engine that converts raw data into engineering values and provides vector and scalar based average calculations. CIRES incorporates a number of unique features to address the challenges presented by airshed monitoring such as asynchronous and disrupted SCADA network communication.

CIRES Screenshots:

Features of our Client Internet Reporting System:

  • Real-time data reporting provides a visual display of the data in table or graph format with data refreshed on a minute by minute basis.
  • Rich Macromedia flash-based charting that provides for interactive, zoomable trends.
  • Web-based for access from anywhere including mobile devices such as Blackberry and iphone.
  • User Access Control allows the creation of users and groups so access to the data may be controlled for each data source.
  • Position based data allows the rotation of units through a location for calibration and maintenance. CIRES automatically splices the correct data sets together so all of the data from multiple units are seen as a continuous data set for that position.
  • Multiple Channels Per Unit. Have up to 8 different channels per portable analyzer unit for measuring multiple parameters and meteorological conditions.
  • GPS Mapping plots the location of each GPS enabled units on a map for easy visual reference.
  • Easily export of data in Excel or Comma Separated Value text files.
  • Supports Calibration by storing current and historical slope and offset settings for individual analyzers. Keep a running record of analyzer maintenance and calibrations to support the validity of your data.
  • Historical data retention for a virtually unlimited period of time. Coupled with position-based monitoring CIRES provides a high-level of operational audit tracking for regulatory and compliance purposes.
  • Calculations are automatically run to convert raw values into engineering values based on the current calibration. 1 hour averages are calculated automatically after the hour.
  • Data Backfill from a data file through the web portal in the event that there is a communications disruption.
  • Content Management System. CIRES is more than just a data portal. You can support all of the content for you corporate web site, or provide relevant news to the public. The portal supports graphics templates and can be customized to suit your needs.
  • *Note* Individual data interfaces may be required. Currently supported interfaces include properitary satellite systems based on the Iridium and Chameleon modems. Supported terrestrial systems include standard 1X cellular modems.

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Airshed System Inc. goes live with WBEA's new website (www.WBEA.org).  WBEA's new website has a fresh new look for providing timely air quality information to Ft. McMurray and Northern Alberta!

WBEA’s new website provides all the stakeholders, including the public, with a clear picture of the region's current hourly air quality data as well as access to 90 days worth of historical monitoring data.